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Geese revelation
  author :管理员 Published in :2018-08-18 08:53:31 Read:times

  Every year from September to November, the geese in Canada are flying south in groups to spend the winter on the east coast of the United States. In the spring of the second year, I will fly back to the original breeding. In the long-range voyage, they have to encounter the hunter's muzzle, after the storm, lightning and thunder, and the threat of cold and water shortage, but they can successfully return every year. When the geese group is lined up in a "V" shape, this is 71% higher than the flying geese.
  When each geese flutters high, it also provides the "upward wind" for the teammates behind. This labor-saving flight mode allows each geese to save energy the most. If we are moving toward a common goal like a geese, we are interdependent and share the power of the team. When a geese deviate from the team, he will immediately find out: the hard work and resistance of the individual flight, he will immediately fly back to the team, making good use of the "upward wind" provided by the former partners. Revelation, if we are like a geese, we will be in the team, followed by the leader to reach the destination. We accept the assistance of others and also assist others.
When the current geese are tired, he will retreat to the rear of the team, while the other geese fly to his position to fill. In fact, difficult tasks need to be paid in turn. We must respect each other, share resources, and realize the potential of all people. When a geese are sick or injured, two other geese fly out of the team to follow and assist and protect him until he recovers. Then they form a "V" shape and start flying to catch up with the team.

In fact, if we are like wild geese, we can maintain each other and depend on each other in difficult situations or in good times. The hard journey is not afraid of far away. Every geese in the team will make a "squeaky" cry, encouraging the leading geese to go straight ahead. In fact, the reward of life is at the end, not the starting point, and it is frustrating in the journey. You may still fail. As long as the team encourages each other and strengthens their beliefs, they will succeed.

The spirit of the team is very important, teamwork allows us to go better and further.

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