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  author :管理员 Published in :2018-08-18 08:48:17 Read:times

Once upon a time, two hungry people got the gift of an elder, a fish and a huge fish.
One of them had a fishing rod and the other had a squid. After they got what they wanted, they parted ways.
One of them immediately burned the fish and ate it, and died in the empty fish raft.
The other walked to the sea, because he knew that there was fish in the sea. When he saw the blue of the ocean, he used his last strength to run to the beach, and he died at the beach.
In addition, there are two hungry people who also got the same fish and a huge fish.
The difference is that they are not separated.
Instead, cook a fish for each meal and walk towards the distant beach.
From then on, they lived a life of fishing. In a few years, they built their own houses, and later they took their wives, gave birth to children, and lived a happy life.
The two very different results before and after the story are because the former lacks the spirit of cooperation and the latter helps each other through cooperation.
A lot of things in life need to work together, and cooperation can make things easier and more effective.
If you cooperate with Fuyang, you will enjoy it.
We have the most professional pvc tarpaulin  production, we can't be wrong.

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