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Do a little more every day
  author :管理员 Published in :2018-08-17 11:11:28 Read:times

Doing more work a day may take up your time, but this behavior will earn you a good reputation and increase the need for others.

When Mr. Carlo Dows first worked for Durant, his position was very low. Now he has become the right arm of Mr. Durant and the president of a company under his company. The secret of his ability to move so quickly is to "do more work every day."

At the beginning of his work for Mr. Durant, Donnes noticed that after work every day, all the people went home, and Mr. Durant would still stay in the office and continue working late. So he decided to stay in the office after work. No one really asked him to do this, but he thought he should stay and provide some help to Mr. Durant when needed.

At work, Durant waited for Mr. to often find documents and print materials. The initial work was done by himself. Soon, he found that Dawn was waiting for his call at any time, so he gradually developed the habit of calling him.

Did Dawness get paid? No. He got a more valuable thing - the opportunity, he made himself win the attention of the boss, and eventually got promoted.

Why should you develop a good habit of "doing a little more every day"? There are two reasons for this:

First, you have an advantage over those who have not yet developed this habit. This habit allows you to ask for more services, no matter what industry you are in.

Second, if you want to train your left arm stronger, the only way is to use it to do the hardest work. On the contrary, if you don't use it for a long time and let it “pamper”, the result is to make it weaker and even shrinking.

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