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Life is not complicated
  author :管理员 Published in :2018-08-16 17:50:44 Read:times

In life, sometimes the problems we encounter can be easily resolved by simple, but we are suspicious of the thorns, not complicated by simple problems!

There is such a story: at a talent recruitment meeting, the examiner asks a candidate a question, that is, 1+1=?

The young applicant scratched his head and slammed the answer: 1+1=3!

"Ha ha ha" examiner laughed: "1 +1 is obviously equal to 2, you are wrong in such a simple calculation, hahaha!"

Applicants are stunned! It turned out that I was fooled. The testimony of the examiner proposed by the examiner was to observe my ability to adapt. As a result, I thought about the simple question!

The applicant’s embarrassment reminds us of another problem: the academic qualifications are higher, and the judgment is reduced.

This is indeed an interesting phenomenon.

If the primary school students answer 1+1=? There is no doubt that primary school students will immediately answer with pleasure: equal to 2.

Primary school students are innocent, not like the adult instinct and the complicated mind of the entanglement! So how to answer how to answer, go straight to go without much consideration, do not know much more!

This is our lovely childhood, full of innocent, happy and unrestrained beautiful childhood!

However, with this increasingly mature dust heart, after we are adult, we are too complicated, and what is more complicated and correct in our opinion. If you answer 1+1=2, it is difficult to talk about, it is low youth. Immature performance, even the original simple 1+1=2, we do not believe, lest others laugh at their childish!

In fact, the things in life are not always so complicated, the key lies in our understanding attitude. Some things are complicated by the way you think it is complicated, and some things are simple if you think about it. But we must be intimately and intimately confronted, and we are not willing to simply ignore it. Therefore, we often feel the tiredness of life and feel the power is not enough! At the same time, we also lost a lot of inadvertently.

Because we are always busy, we are busy with work every day, busy with entertainment, busy looking for a psychological balance point; we are in a hurry and have no time to glance at the scenery outside the window, we have no time for even a few seconds, on Mother's Day On Father's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, send a text message to your father and mother.

We are always nervous and running, living for life!

In fact, we can rest and stop, we can stand on the balcony and look at the beautiful scenery in the distance, and the blue sky and white clouds on the top of the head, let the breeze gently blow the face, calm down the feverish mind If you think about this chaotic thought, maybe you will suddenly find out that life is like the sun, the air, the birds in front of you, and the green trees and flowers around you. This picturesque scenery will be tomorrow. some! Then you will sigh that good things are sometimes easily presented in front of you. There is no need to go through a lot of detours to get it. We are ignorant, always afraid to lose and desperately pursue it! But at the same time, we have lost everything we have neglected!
We are not so complicated either, you need products, and we just have it, don't hesitate to contact us.

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