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Add another piece of firewood
  author :管理员 Published in :2018-08-16 17:41:59 Read:times

There is a businessman. When someone asks the secret of his success, he only said one sentence: add another piece of firewood.

I have seen such a cartoon a long time ago: a man who dug a well, he dug several wells and did not see water. It's not that there is no water. In fact, he only needs to dig a hole in it any more, but he doesn't, and all the work is in vain.

In real life, we always complain that the world offers too few opportunities, and once the opportunity comes, it catches it and complains that it is too difficult to succeed. Although we have been engaged in hard work, but when the success is about to come, we have retreated and gave up. One of my friends is like this: an occasional opportunity, he got a new product and pushed it to the market with confidence. After a while, this new product did not bring him as he expected. With a considerable profit, he bite his teeth and withdraws. Soon, this new product appeared again on the market and it was very popular. Later, my friends repented, saying that when this product has not been understood and accepted by the public, I only emphasize the result. When this product gradually gets people's approval, I withdraw it, and the result is that others have married. Great cheap.

In fact, sometimes success is only one step away from us. At the crucial moment, it is time to add a new firewood. Add another piece of wood, and the water at 99 degrees Celsius will reach the boiling point!

Opportunities always go away very quickly, as long as we know each other a little more, we will have different results.

Don't hesitate, we have all the pvc tarpaulin fabric want.

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