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Life is the choice
  author :管理员 Published in :2018-08-15 17:49:03 Read:times

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who grew up in the same family environment and lived together day and night, but their personality was very different. They have the same painful growth experience: the father is drunk, arrogant, irresponsible, and has therefore been arrested and imprisoned many times.

My brother became a drunkard and got married after dropping out of school. He often adds up to his family, is lazy to work and often causes trouble, and is a frequent visitor to the police station.

Once, someone asked him why he was doing this, he replied; "How can I have another life with such a father and such a childhood?"

The younger brother has overcome various problems and difficulties and has completed his studies. He also married, but became a careful husband and a kind father. He is also a successful entrepreneur who has contributed to society.

One day, when asked what contributed to his success, he replied: "How can I have another life with such a father and such a childhood?"

What is the "heritage" you get from life, and how do you decide to use it? There are no formulas, no rules, and you decide your own way of life!

The right choice is worth looking forward to. Dongguan Xiyang Leather Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of mesh cloth. 
We can meet all your needs, don't hesitate, contact us.

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