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pvc coated tarpaulin
pvc coated tarpaulin
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pvc coated tarpaulin
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pvc coated tarpaulin
pvc coated tarpaulin
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pvc coated tarpaulin
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China supplier PVC woodpile tarps
  author :管理员 Published in :2015-03-31 17:55:11 Read:times

  You will notice a stove pipe sticking out of the middle of a covered wood pile and asked what was up with that. What the guy told me made sense so I thought I'd pas it along here.

  People stacks the wood and then covers it with a piece of PVC tarp.PVC tarp is waterproof.It can protect wood pile don't get wet.PVC tarpaulin is inmportant in people's lives.

  Chinese textile industry is very developed.provide different size textile for others countries.

  XIYANG is a professional PVC tarps supplier from China.

  PVC tarps have many features:

  1.Add flame-retardant, anti-UV, mildew resistance, cold resistance, and surface treatment according to customer requirements

  2.Color and weight according to customer requirements

  3.Has strong tensile strength, tear strength and adhesion strength

  Application of PVC tarps:

  1.Wood pile cover;

  2.Truck cover;


  4.Inflatable products;



  PVC tarps as outdoor waterproof fabric is important in our lives.XIYANG'S PVC tarp is high tensile ,high tearing strength with competitive factory price.

  If you have needs,please contact to us,we will try our best to do for you,thanks !

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